Thursday, February 14, 2008

Think again

Those of you who have central heating here at Villas Andrea will probably have had one of Roca's flyers quoting 95€ for a service of your heating system. Like us, you may have thought that was both expensive and unnecessary on a three year old system especially one that only gets used in the Winter.

Well, Roca came and serviced our system yesterday and yes, it was expensive for the amount of time it took. But, if you had seen the colour of the water that came out of the bottom of our radiators you'd realise that it was money well spent. It looked like brown Windsor soup.

It's obviously not good for the boiler to try pumping that around the system so it is best removed. In any case if we'd allowed that sludge to build up, the radiators would have started to warm only at the end where the water enters and leaves. So job done - hopefully we won't need to see Roca until next year.

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