Friday, November 09, 2012

A bad situation

The strike by pharmacies, now in its fourth day, is starting to bite hard. Yesterday, we went down to pick up my prescription and then called at the chemist’s to try and collect both my tablets and Pamela’s. Neither were available but they did say they might be later on in the day. We called back later only to find that they were still not available.

The lady explained that Pamela’s tablets were most important and advised her to phone 900 10 10 81. This service will either tell her where there is a chemist who has stocks or advise her to go to the hospital where they will have what she needs.

Valencia insists that nobody will be without the medication they need but that they may need to visit a hospital to pick them up. Now that is OK for us but for those without transport, do not have a telephone or are too infirm to travel it spells disaster.

The president of the apothecaries in Valencia warns that the emergency phone system is already overloaded with calls. In any case, if everyone has to start collecting their medicine from the hospitals, a) the queues are going to be horrendous an b) how are they going to cope with dispensing stocks of medicines needed.

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