Thursday, November 08, 2012

Now there is a bit of an incentive

When Pam and I visited La Zenia Boulevard, the incentive for me was Media Markt. It is about the only shop in the mall that is of interest to blokes like me.

OK, there is Leyroy Merlin for tools and stuff but then that signals DIY which means work. Media Mark is potentially far more interesting. Actually I say that but I have never visited one of their stores. I am imagining that it is like PC World, if it isn’t then I am in for a big disappointment.

Media Markt hadn’t opened when Pam and I were there, it has opened this week though. Time to go back and have a look.

PS Apparently there were 4,000 applications for the 60 jobs on offer at the store – that shows you the state of the employment market here in Spain.

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