Friday, November 16, 2012

We escaped this time

The forecast for Tuesday night promised strong winds but thankfully they seemed to have missed us.

The Northern Costa Blanca got hit though by winds of up to 98kph which felled trees and caused widespread damage.

This report is from the Round Town News

Fishing boats in Denia, Javea, Calp and La Vila were unable to negotiate the three metre waves off the coast so sensibly stayed in port.  And the port of Denia was eventually closed.  In Javea and Denia flooding caused several roads to be closed and schools were closed in Javea, Denia and Moraira.
In the Marina Baixa, fire fighters responded to more than 20 emergency calls for help and were forced to chop away fallen trees to enable traffic and pedestrian access:  a roof was torn from a building in Callosa and part of an abandoned factory in Alcoy collapsed: luckily no one was injured.
In Altea, one of the areas most affected by heavy rainfall, schools were closed: a tree fell near the schoolyard of Altea la Vella.  Violent gusts of wind also broke the large window of the local police checkpoint.  The road between Altea and Callosa remained cut off for two hours by a fallen palm tree and the Altea boardwalk was flooded.  The fishing fleet remained at anchor as did La Vila’s.
In Benidorm, the wind affected numerous trees and awnings and caused a window to detach on the 13th floor of the Europa Centre causing the traffic below to be cut for 20 minutes.  In Callosa d’en Sarria an entire roof of a house was ripped clean off.
Beniarrés has increased its reserves by more than three hectometres from 14.32 hectometres on Sunday to 17.36 on Wednesday.   
Further south, strong wind caused the most damage with trees falling in San Miguel and in the garden of the social centre at Ibi where some roof cornices also came loose and fell.
The Costa Calida escaped relatively unharmed but municipal workers were nonetheless busy removing fallen trees and flying waste bins that caused damage to urban and also private property.  The torrential rain that lashed the Northern Costa Blanca did not reach the Murcia region where a steady downpour was inconvenient but caused few floods.
The Meteorological Agency announced that an orange alert would remain in place until the weekend.

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