Friday, November 23, 2012

Shopping by post

I have been a fan of this method of shopping for awhile now. Whilst it might not provide instant gratification, shopping by post does mean you can get the best deals and it saves a lot of leg work.

When we came to Spain, we were temporarily cut off from some of our favourite shops in Britain but not anymore. Many of them will now deliver to Spain for a nominal fee and in the case of Amazon, delivery is free for those items sold by them (as long as you spend more than £25).

The local couriers know where we live now and make regular trips to our gate with packages from Amazon (both in Britain and Spain), from Marks and Spencer and more recently from Argos. We’ve also had packages from countries as far afield as America. However, those have normally taken a little longer to arrive.

Of course, we prefer to shop locally when we can but to be honest there are some things that are simply not available or are cheaper sourced elsewhere. For example, we cannot wean ourselves off Marks and Spencer for clothes so we make room on our regular trips to the UK to bring back the items and in between we order online.

The latest items to arrive were floor standing cabinets for the bathrooms. We’ve looked in dozens of local shops for these and found nothing that took our fancy. Argos stocks a wide range in prices from cheap to expensive via reasonable so that is where we bought them from (in euros). They were delivered yesterday by the friendly man from DHL who I reckon will be coming again in the near future!

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