Friday, November 02, 2012

A more settled outlook

When Pam and I first came to live here we joined a newly formed community of Brits living together near a Spanish town. The residents had come from all parts of Britain and from all walks of life. Nobody really knew anyone else but we were all facing the same tasks of forging new lives in a foreign country so naturally, people started making friendships with their new neighbours and got involved in each other’s lives. Since we were mostly pensioners, we had time on our hands to get to know each other rather more than we would have done when we were busy at work in Britain.

Villas Andrea was and still is a social mix the likes of which Pam and I had not encountered before in our lives. Inevitably, we found that people’s backgrounds, their core values, expectations etc to be very different to ours and it took time to work out which, if any, of our new neighbours we would be become compatible with.

Eight years on, the residents have all got to know each other a lot better and rather than indulge in the false friendships that first formed, lasting friendships have now been established.

People come and go, some have moved on to other parts of Europe, others have returned to their native land. The gaps have been filled with other nationalities including quite a number of Spanish families. The good news is that the community is still thriving and life is for the most part peaceful.

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