Friday, November 07, 2014

A sorry picture

The economic crisis in Spain is selective and hits the weakest. One in three in Valencia (31.7% versus 25% in Spain) are at risk of social exclusion, according to a report by Caritas and Development Foundation for Social Research and Applied Sociology (FOESSA). Two out of three people who are now in distress.

The statistics of the study are not encouraging: 16% of the Valencian households can not afford medical treatment and 13% do not have adequate food.

Nearly 1.6 million people in Valencia are at risk of social exclusion, 210,000 households (760,000 people) are in the critical profile of severe exclusion.

The main concern for Valencia is unemployment: 49.5% suffer exclusion in employment. In children under 25 years  the figure is even higher at 55%. The long-term unemployed account for almost 60% of social exclusion.
There is a wide division between those who have nothing and those who have a lot and of course there are some who have benefitted from corruption at the expense of the poor. 

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