Saturday, November 29, 2014


2390E7EB00000578-2853540-image-49_1417209296708 Black Friday is an American import that we could well do without.

Scenes in Britain show that the concept brings out the very worst in people.

Shops opened at Midnight to let the huge queues into Asda and Tesco stores up and down the country.

What followed was all out war to grab the bargains, people fighting to get their hands on electrical items like flat screen TVs which in some cases had been discounted by just £60. Scuffles broke out and some shops had to close to sort things out.
23900DDF00000578-2852585-To_me_to_you_People_struggle_to_carry_their_purchases_as_they_ma-75_1417213384301 One women had gone out to buy a flat screen TV but when she saw the mayhem that surrounded the display, bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner instead even though she didn’t need one.

The TVs that people were picking up from Asda were not even premium brands. Hopefully, they all work because I doubt that an exchange will be readily available.

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