Thursday, November 20, 2014

A weekend of photography

This Saturday I will be at the concert for Santa Cecilia taking photos. Before that though, I have been asked to take pictures of the new recruits as they arrive at the Auditorium on Friday night. The tradition established here in Bigastro is that, the statue of Santa Cecilia is paraded around the town before the concert. The procession visits the homes of the musicians who are about to join the band and collects them up. Eventually, they will arrive back at the Auditorium for my photoshoot.

On Saturday morning, the band will have its final rehearsal and that will be a great opportunity for me to take pictures that are difficult to capture during the concert. At the rehearsal I can mingle with the musicians on stage and get some candid shots of the individuals that make up the band.

On Sunday, Pam and I have been invited to the lunch for the band - another opportunity to capture some informal shots of the band.

Before that though, there will be a special mass in the church on Sunday morning. The statue of the saint will be carried from the Auditorium to the Church to preside over proceedings. The band will of course feature heavily during the ceremony and again this is an opportunity to get some nice candid shots of the band in action.

Following all that I will be processing the results and looking for some good shots to publish on Flickr and here. It has been awhile since my cameras have seen some intense activity, I am really looking forward to it.

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