Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tall palms

A tall palm tree fell in Elche yesterday narrowly missing a passer by. It was brought down by a wind gust of less than 60kms per hour and highlights the dangerous state that some of these trees are in. When you look at the height of some Washingtonians and see them sway in the wind, you do wonder why this does not happen more often.

On the 5th November, the top fell off one of the palm trees on the corner of  Avenida General Bañuls  and Calle La Balsa here in Bigastro. Nobody was about so there was no danger. Another tree has lost its leaves at La Paz school, again when there was nobody about.

These occurrences highlight a problem, one which the Socialist Party have complained about. They say that many of the palms in Bigastro have not been treated for the palm weevil and further more they have not been pruned of their dead leaves. 

The ones in the park at the bottom of our estate were pruned this year, the first time since we arrived here 10 years ago. Those in the Plaza de la Constitución though look as though they need some attention.

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