Monday, November 10, 2014

Makes sense to me

I think even the most hardened smoker would agree that smoking by children is irresponsible. The Department of Health says that 300,000 children a year visit GPs in England every year with problems linked to second-hand smoke. That is a frightening figure.

To smoke in the confines of a car will now become a criminal offence in Britain and that makes a lot of sense. When someone smokes in a car, whether there are children in it or not, is disgusting. There is no escaping the fumes which hurt your eyes and discolour the upholstery.

The amendment to the law in Britain will come into effect next October and brings with it fines of £800 to passengers who light up, even more for the driver who allows it.

In fact, statistics show that fewer people smoke in cars these days than they used to and certainly do not do so when there are children as passengers. The law therefore only serves to reinforce what has become common practice. 

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