Saturday, February 03, 2007

Eating up the ink

Well, so far I have printed out half of the wedding album and used up almost all of the light magenta ink in my printer and over half of the light cyan. Although there is about three quarters of the yellow ink left, the black, cyan and magenta cartridges are still showing full.

Luckily the process of ordering more ink is simple and painless. When the ink is getting low, the printer software alerts you and points you to an online ordering service called Best Prints. If you order more than 30€ worth the postage is free. At 9,48€ per cartridge for each of the five colours and even more for the high capacity black that is not difficult.

The more I use this HP printer, the more impressed I am with it. I used to be a keen devotee of Epson printers, however the software, the print quality and the sheer versatility of this Photosmart D7360 have converted me.

PS I tried both Jessop's Photo Inkjet paper and HP Premium Plus paper to start with. Although the Jessops paper is whiter and more nuetral, for this job the warmer tone of the HP paper seems best.

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