Saturday, February 17, 2007

We can have our say

A total of 57,628 EU citizens resident in Spain have registered their intention to vote in the May 27th municipal elections.

Figures released this week by the census office show that of these over half are British with 31,409 people registered followed by Germans with 8,807, Netherlands 4,103, France 3,271, Belgium 2,185, Italy 2,010, Romania 1,608 and Sweden 1,148. Other EU groups number less than 1,000.

Surprise, surprise though not everything about the Electoral Register is above board.

Reports this week show that the electoral role in 63 Costa municipalities grew twice as much as the number of people registering on the Padrón.

This revelation comes at the back of the scandal in Pego where former mayor Carlos Pascual is alleged to have revived 400 dead people in order to ensure a comfortable win in local elections.

Over the last six months the national statistics institute (INE) has detected possible electoral role irregularities in 187 municipalities throughout Spain.

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