Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A few facts

Totally boring to Pamela but not to me! As you can see from my statistics, my humble blog has attracted 2,415 visitors loading 5,749 pages.
  • 87% of my visitors were running Windows XP against 4% Mac OS - no Vista users yet!
  • 38% viewed the pages at 1280 x 1024; 38% at 1024 x 768 resolution. Amazingly 4% had monitors displaying 800x600 pixels.
  • 36% were using MS Internet Explorer 7 against 35% using Firefox. It seems that Microsoft have edged back in the browser wars. Before the introduction of IE 7, tabbed browsing in Firefox ruled the roost.
  • 42% were from the UK against 24% from Spain. Incredibly 14% were from the US.
Other countries include China, Portugal, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Germany, Dominica, Singapore, Bulgaria, Malaysia and Italy.

Fascinating stuff - not!


Anonymous said...

Ah yes well i'm sure Vista will come into use when people actually find a way in which their computers can actually cope with it =]

Anna's father uses the business version, it is very impressive when it works. .well IF. .

Anonymous said...

Vista is nothing but a nightmare at the moment. Power hungry, not enough driver support and a lot of programs will need updating before they become functional on it. Oh work is so much fun upon the release of a new OS. Give it a year...