Friday, February 16, 2007

So confusing cont.

When we lived in the UK most of the people we knew were local to the area so we understood them well. Now we live on an urbanisation with people from all over the UK things are a bit different.

When we get together, like we did on Saint Valentine's night, it's like being on the sets of Eastenders, Brookside, Emmerdale and Coronation Street all at the same time.

  • "Coor blimey it ain't af ot in eer."
  • "Or ey queen, watch you moanin about now."
  • "See thee, some barm pots shut door. No wonder its wam in here."
  • "So how r u in yourself."
You get the idea.

Just for good measure we have Norfolk Dave, a couple of Scots and a sprinkling of Irish.

I have a solution though. We only speak to each other in Spanish.

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