Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blots on the landscape

imageThe collapse of the construction industry is cited as the main reason for the economic crisis here in Spain. It is also responsible for some very ugly and potentially dangerous abandoned building sites such as this one in Almoradí.

Left for over two years, the electricity boxes are wide open, manhole covers are missing, the pavements are covered in weeds and the fences are broken down. Goodness knows when workers will ever return to complete the work, there are a lot of completed houses to be sold before anyone will contemplate finishing developments at this stage of construction.

And so we are left with these blots on the landscape, reminders of what was and what might have continued to be if the world economy had not gone “tits up”. Blame Freddie Flintstone and Fanny Bright, or whatever those two American mortgage companies were called, for selling off their toxic debt.

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