Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pete Rafferty’s birthday treat

Most people would expect a treat of some sort on their birthday. It might be a special meal at home or maybe they would be taken out somewhere nice. For my birthday this year, not only did I get a lovely lunch out but I was taken to a show in Manchester - that was a fantastic surprise.

Yesterday was Pete Rafferty’s birthday and I dare say there were some nice surprises in store for him too. Pete didn’t get to enjoy a relaxing night though – he had to work and work damn hard. Instead of going out, Pete chose his special day to give the rest of us a real treat - a journey through the music of the sixties.

When we arrived at Villas Andrea, Pete was one of the first people we met. He had a lot of experience singing in clubs, on his own and with groups and I think on cruise ships. He was going to put on a special performance up at La Predera.

That first night we saw him the place was packed, anyone who arrived after 9pm had to stand. Pete wowed the large crowd with his excellent performance as himself which was only eclipsed by his take off of Elvis Presley complete with white catsuit, black wig and sunglasses.

On a number of occasions since, Pete has performed and each time he has managed to throw something different into the mix. Who could ever forget his PJ Proby, his Freddie Mercury, his teddy boy and his Shirley Bassie – so many memorable nights. Pete worries that we will tire of him and want for something different – NO Pete – you will tire of us first.

Last night Pete was just himself, no impersonations – pure Pete and he was damned good. He performed numbers from Cliff Richard to the Who to an enthusiastic audience.

Thank you for your birthday treat to us – it was very much appreciated. We hope you enjoyed your day because we certainly did.

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