Friday, January 21, 2011

Fighting back

Lets get things straight. There are some smokers who feel guilty about their habit. They say that they would quit if it was easy and wish that they had never started. I do not fall into that category.

Whilst I am not proud to be a smoker, I am not ashamed to smoke nor do I feel guilty about it. It was a choice I made many years ago – if I had my time again I might make a different one but who knows – maybe not. I started smoking cigarettes, then I moved to cigars and finally settled on a pipe. Whilst some may get through 25gms of tobacco a day, I rarely smoke more than 75gms a week. 

Pamela was recently asked whether I was allowed to smoke in my own house. What an absurd question that was, of course I can smoke in my own house. If Pamela had wanted to marry a non smoker, she would have found someone else. She and I are both fully aware of the dangers that my smoking poses to both of us.

As I have said before, I would not offend anyone by smoking in their houses if they did not want me to. In fact I do not smoke in either of my daughter’s houses because I respect their wishes. Neither would I smoke in a restaurant whilst people were eating even if it were permitted. Nor would I smoke in close proximity to young children. I might be a smoker but I do think I have a sense of responsibility.

My back is broad enough to take any criticism laid at me re my habit, even still I wish some people would get off it!

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