Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spare a thought

For all those people who have come to the Costa Blanca for an out-of-season holiday. They would not be expecting the really hot weather of summer but should have at least seen some sunshine most days. Instead, they will have looked out of their hotel bedrooms or their holiday apartments at a gloomy grey sky and wondered just what they could do to amuse themselves on cold dark days. The annoying thing is that up the coast and inland, the sun is shining and that is not normal. It is usually this area that gets the best of the weather.

If they are in somewhere like Benidorm, there will be plenty of diversions to keep them happy but more or less everywhere else it will be a struggle. The area is just not geared up for tourism on dull days. Let’s hope they have remembered to bring a pack of cards with them.

Don’t tell them because it will only upset the holiday makers but tomorrow will be worse. In fact things will not get better until about Saturday when the skies should clear but then wind will start to pick up. Anyone who tells you that the weather is good all year round in Southern Spain has never lived here.

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