Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It was just a myth

We’ve all heard the myth which says that if you buy a plot of land in a remote area which has an existing building on it, then you are legally allowed to convert the ruin into a habitable house. On our journeys through the Costa del Sol and the Costa Almeria we saw many such opportunities and whilst Pam and I would never contemplate such a scheme there were those who did.

Ten years ago a British couple bought a 1,400 square metre plot of land on the Costa del Sol in an area classified as unsuitable for building, There was a 30 square metre ruin on the land which they proceeded to convert into a two-storey villa. They had obviously heard the same story as us.

Now a court in Málaga has ruled that the couple should serve an eight month jail sentence for building on protected land. They have also been fined and are forced to demolish the house.

This decision is deeply worrying for many of those who have illegal homes in all of the costas including the Costa Blanca.

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