Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A different case of corruption


Memory cards for cameras etc are generally very reliable. They will stand a lot of abuse and still perform perfectly so we tend to take them for granted.

However, even though they have no moving parts like the hard drives in a computer, they can still become corrupted as this one has. It is a lesson that needs to be remembered. I have no idea how the card became corrupted; although both the camera and my computer will recognise its presence, neither will read, write nor format the card. It is now in the bin!


A friend of mine showed me his compact camera and asked where he could buy a spare memory card because the one in the camera was full. The card in the camera had hundreds of photos dating back to when he first bought it. He hadn’t backed up any of the pictures to a computer so everything relied on the card remaining intact.

Another friend had been on a trip around the world and had taken several cards with him to record his journey. He’d left one of the cards on a plane and unfortunately had not had the chance to back the files up.

Different stories with the same possible result i.e. memorable pictures being lost without much chance of recovery.

Professional photographers do not take such chances. They use small capacity cards and do not fill them. At the earliest opportunity they back them up onto a computer and then an external drive keeping each type of media separate so if one is lost then they have the security of two further copies. 

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