Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The stain of corruption

When you thought that things could not get worse for Spain, they did with the publication of the secret accounting system of the ex PP treasurer, Luis Bárcenas. The notebooks show regular payments to members of the party including Mariano Rajoy whose share of the “pot” is said to be 25,000 euros per year. The money largely came as donations from companies hoping to win government contracts.

At the weekend Rajoy was at pains to protest his innocence even though he acknowledged that elements of the accounts were true.

The anti-corruption prosecutor is now investigating the case by comparing the last 13 year’s of public accounts with the secret accounts to determine if tax frauds were committed and whether the limits for political donations were breached.

Whilst we would like to trust Sr Rajoy, In a country where so much political scandal has been unearthed, (there are currently over 300 corruption investigations under way) it is hard to believe anything that politicians tell you.

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