Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A warning

By law, all gas installations have to be inspected every five years. Unfortunately, there are people out there who take advantage of the fact and claim to be inspectors when in fact they are not.

The last time our installation was inspected, we all received notice in writing from the gas supplier and the cost of the work came on our next bill. The bogus workmen will just appear at your gate and demand payment for the work they are about to do.

Several people on our estate already report that this has happened to them this week. They first of all received a phone call followed by a visit from the bogus workmen. One of my neighbours tells me that eight of the rogue operators turned up outside his house in a white van and claimed to be from Saunier Duval who of course are not responsible for this work. He politely turned them away!

The Town Hall advises us to contact either the Guardia Civil in Jacarilla on 965 350 414 or the Local Police in Bigastro on 607 154 447 if we suspect that conmen are trying to pull this scam or indeed any other scam.

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