Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cross that of the list

Pam doesn’t fancy the idea of cruising partly because she has an innate fear of being on or in water above her head. The possibility of being dumped in the sea to drown does not appeal to her one bit. I must admit that, the thought of being consigned to a watery grave does not appeal to me either but it would not put me off a boat trip.

On the other hand, Pam has a hankering to take a trip in a hot air balloon. Although I do not suffer as much as some from vertigo, the thought of looking down from a wicker basket suspended by just hot air makes me feel queasy.

Perhaps Pam will be put off the idea by the latest report of a hot air balloon trip in Egypt that ended in tragedy. The balloon was flying over Luxor close to the Valley of the Kings when it apparently it caught fire and exploded - crashing to the ground, killing all but one of its 20 passengers.

You don’t often hear of accidents with hot air balloons, in fact I can’t recall reading of many. Still, it looks unsafe to me and that is enough to put me off. 

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