Thursday, February 07, 2013

I do apologise


Those of you who read this blog from England will be getting fed up of reading about the wind that we are suffering here on the Costa Blanca.

In the eight years that we have lived here, this has been the worst winter for wind so far. There might have been times when the wind was stronger but not so consistently day after day over a prolonged period.

Just when you think that we might be done with the wind. it picks up again and blows even stronger than before as you can see from this graph of the wind force and the gusts recorded overnight.

Forecasts show that the wind will continue today and then will start to calm but not for long because Monday and Tuesday of next week are forecast for even stronger gales.

Although everything seems OK at the moment, structures that are designed to stand the wind will do so for so long but with the constant battering they start to weaken and give way. 

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