Thursday, February 28, 2013

Preparing for bad weather

Although I am not a gambling man, I would put good money on the fact that we are going to have persistent rain for most of the day. On high ground, the rain will fall as snow. The wind will start from the northwest and veer to southwest with some strong gusts on the coast.


Those who have to travel to snow affected parts of the province are advised to take it slowly, fit chains to the tyres, to carry a shovel, a flashlight and warm clothes. Make sure you have plenty of fuel for both your car and yourself (nuts and chocolate provide plenty of calories to keep you warm) and if possible delay your journey until midday when early morning ice on the road has had a chance to melt.

Those who live in areas affected by snow are advised to stock up on food to see them through a few days at least. They are also advised to ensure they have torches and fresh batteries to hand. Since many burn wood to heat their houses, they should open the windows when the sun is out to ventilate them and replenish the oxygen. If they venture outside, the best protection is several layers of clothing rather than one thick layer. It is essential to protect the head and hands and to wear waterproof shoes.

You would be right in assuming that Spaniards in this area are not accustomed to this type of bad weather which is why they need advice about how to deal with it.

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