Sunday, May 26, 2013

A word of advice

I’ve been informed that a well dressed man was seen rummaging through the bins at the entrance to the estate. When he’d finished, the man was seen clutching paperwork that he took to his car which I understand was an expensive model.

In these times of crisis, we are used to seeing people going through the bins to find anything of use but this sounds like something entirely different. This man did not have the appearance of a cash strapped individual looking to earn a few euros from what he could find.

The best advice is to shred any important documents before you take them to the bins.

Pam and I have done this for years using a strip shredder we brought with us from the UK. We then jumble the shredded paper up and put it in a bin bag. Only the experts from CSI could hope to retrieve the information from our documents.

From my research, the finer the strips that come out from a strip shredder the better and a cross cut shredder is even more secure because it cuts the documents into diamond shape pieces which are virtually impossible to piece back together. Cheap models though will overheat quickly and switch off. Best to pay a bit more for something reliable and don’t forget the all important shredder oil to keep it lubricated.

If anyone sees this man again, can I suggest that they take down the number of the car and report the matter to the police who I am sure will be interested to know what his motives are.

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Ruby said...

Thanks for the advice! Shredding important papers into the finest strips will make it hard for identity thief to plunder important information.