Wednesday, May 01, 2013

In the big smoke

Following a flight which managed to arrive half  an  hour early (not sure how the pilot managed that on such a short journey) we had a taxi ride with Fernando Alonso. Still, we got to our hotel in one piece.

After a light lunch, we set out to explore Madrid. It is a very interesting city - very different to e.g. to Barcelona.

Perhaps because it was a public holiday, the streets around the Puerta de Sol were very crowded with young people most of whom did not seem to be suffering much from the economic woes of the country.

From our trip to Barcelona, we have learned to pace ourselves and set achievable goals for each day. Less walking and more people watching from the comfort of a seat will be the order of the day.

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Pete said...

I think the gain could be in that the scheduled times are 'gate to gate' rather than 'wheels up' to 'wheels down'.

If the airport is quiet at both ends then it's possible most of the time is gained on the ground.