Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yesterday’s storm

The hailstorm yesterday took everyone by surprise. Hailstones in May – never!

923120_552063451512793_1002120480_n Apparently, the freak weather was caused by a cold front passing over the Iberian Peninsula meeting the warm air mass over the eastern flank. As the two collided, the strong thermal contrast created a storm that fortunately lasted for only a brief period. During that short time though, winds picked up to near 42 km per hour and in San Bartoleme, 26.4 litres per square metre of water was deposited.

In Torrevieja, the storm caused power outages and traffic was disrupted on the Avenida de Delfina Viudes, Rosa Mazón and  roads around the Polígono, Casa Grande.

Photo by Johan Rodríguez in Bigastro.




And this is the weather map which shows the expected storm as supplied by MeteOrihuela.


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