Friday, May 10, 2013

I say let him go

There is no doubting the talent of Wayne Rooney. His record of goal scoring from the age of nine exemplifies his unique footballing ability and yet he is a player that I find difficult to warm to.

I find it hard to forgive Rooney’s  behaviour on and off the pitch and I find it even more difficult to condone his petulance. In 2010 he wanted to leave United for rival City and was persuaded to stay with a £250,000 per week salary. There are only two other players in the world that command a higher salary than Rooney; Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.

Disgruntled because he was dropped from several key games and was chosen to  play in centre midfield rather than a forward position, Rooney again says he want to leave Old Trafford but Ferguson said he was not available for transfer. 

Of course that may all change now that David Moyes is in charge. He may want to resume his former relationship with the young star he signed to Everton. On the other hand, he may decide that enough is enough and allow Rooney to go if the money is right. Rumour has it the club would accept £20 million which is a lot less than the £25.6 the club paid for him in 2004 and a mere fraction of the amount they sold Ronaldo for to Real Madrid.

I know my son-in-law will probably disagree but I think that United would be better off without Rooney in the circumstances. In the end, the club is more important than any individual.

UPDATE I spoke to my son-in-law last night and he agrees with me. Rooney, at his best, was apparently brilliant but sadly those days seem to have gone.

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Pete said...

I completely agree Keith. What young Wayne seems to fail to realise is that United don't need him any more. They'd like him but they don't need him.

I sincerely hope that the conversation he has with David Moyes runs along the lines of "Look son, if you want to stay then stay. If you want to go then go. But if you stay your earn your place in the starting line up."

I suspect that Rooney is being badly advised, rather than being personally an out and out mercenary. But not only is he no longer the best striker in the country, he's no longer the best striker at Old Trafford and he needs to know that.