Sunday, May 19, 2013


I can’t remember many years when we did not watch the Eurovision song contest. The mix of good songs and bizarre ones makes it almost compelling viewing. This year was no different to any other. Instead of Russian grannies, we had Greeks in skirts singing about free alcohol. They actually came 6th with 152 points – WOW!

As in recent years, there were also some very clever presentations. For me, the lady from Moldova rising from the stage with her dress seeming to be on fire was one of the best – just a pity that the song was not as memorable. 


Voting was as usual. Look how well Ukraine did to start with, 4 full marks and three 10s from the first 11 juries.

Singing first or last must be difficult, it made me wonder if the first or last song has ever won. This year it was the turn of France and Ireland to prop up each end of the show. I thought their performances were good and deserved higher points than they got.

As for Britain, at least Bonny Tyler did better than Engelbert Humperdinck. Poor Spain, without the first 6 marks they would have been bottom with a lowly 2 points. 

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