Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Back to base

We returned yesterday afternoon to Bigastro from our trip to Madrid tired but invigorated by the experience.

After punishing ourselves by trying to walk to places, the last few days we did the sensible thing and took taxis. When Pam and I were younger we’d walk everywhere, not just to save money but because on foot you do see a lot more. Now though, we have to admit that our bodies are no longer fit for that sort of punishment. So it is taxis from now on when we go on our sightseeing trips. 

The other thing we have learnt is that dining out cheap is not our style. We made the mistake one night of trying an “All you can eat” buffet” which was dreadful. Certainly, the place was clean but the food was cold and unappetizing. On our other nights we opted for something much more upmarket and boy could you tell the difference. So that is a lesson learnt, if you can afford it, go for it.

You can see my album of pictures here. Hopefully, I have captured some of the sprit of the fascinating capital of Spain.

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