Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to Bigastro

First off let me share my photos with you at

Now let me tell you about Palma airport.

We were taken to the airport by taxi. As we arrived there was a long queue of cars waiting to either go into the car park or be returned to car hire depots. Luckily we were going to departures and so avoided the wait. The driver dropped us off by the Air Berlin check-in. At the front were the terminals to print out boarding cards but since we had already checked in via SMS we joined the queue for bag drop off only to be told that we needed boarding cards. The young lady who spoke no English pointed towards a massive queue that would have taken us the best part of an hour or more to get through.

We knew that could not be right. Fortunately, there was an Air Berlin rep by the terminals who helped us print out our boarding passes so we could join the short queue. Even still it took a good twenty minutes or more to check in our cases.

The last time we were at Palma, the airport was small. Now it is huge and packed with people – utter chaos. It is also a long walk to the gates so plenty of time is required to ensure you do not miss your plane. Goodness knows how someone like my father, who had to be carefully directed at Murcia airport would get on. He’d probably have missed two planes before he got to the right gate. 

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