Tuesday, June 25, 2013


An absolute must when you visit Mallorca is a day in Palma. Yesterday was scheduled to be a day on the beach but with clouds looming in the sky that seemed like a poor choice. In fact, for the first time since we arrived, there was nobody on the sun beds by 11:00am.

It seemed everyone had the same idea as us and so car park after car park was full with a queue of cars waiting to go in. Car park no 4, just off the main shopping street of Palma was half empty. Clearly, nobody wanted to walk except us.

The highlight of the day was the magnificent cathedral that Pam and I had visited 43 years before on our honeymoon. The only difference was that this time we had to pay to go in and the exit was through a shop. It seems that even the church has to find means to raise money these days.

The best view of the cathedral is from the Guiness bar where they charge a premium price for drinks. It was probably the most expensive photo I have ever taken of a church.

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