Thursday, June 06, 2013

Controversy over the civil war in Spain still continues.

Thirty five thousand volunteers from 53 countries formed the International Brigades. Their aim was to fight the fascist forces of General Francisco Franco and other such forces in Italy and Germany. Even though the civil war in Spain was lost, the world woke up to the horrors that fascism posed.

Two years ago, a monument to the members of the International Brigade was erected in the gardens of the Complutense University in Madrid. There was strong opposition from the right wing and the monument was daubed with graffiti. Complaints against it were made on political grounds but they failed.

Now, the far right have found that the monument, which stands not far from the huge victory arch built during Franco’s dictatorship,  contravenes planning laws and so a court has ordered it to be pulled down.  

The lawyer, Miguel García, who lead the case said,  "there is nothing to celebrate, and especially not in a public space devoted to education."  "The international brigades were created and managed by Stalin, the most genocidal leader in history."

The truth is that the extremes of politics, both left and right wing, have a lot to answer for.

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