Saturday, June 08, 2013

Much appreciated


The year after we arrived, Pam and I joined the Spanish for Foreigner’s class which, at that time, was taught by Ana.

The town hall no longer has the money to pay a teacher and so we have a volunteer (an ex teacher called Antonio) who teaches us for four hours per week.

Whilst we were in the UK, the town hall organised a presentation of diplomas and an end of course buffet. One of our classmates collected the diplomas for us along with these beautifully wrapped presents.They are, of course, books in Spanish for us to read. 

When we first started learning Spanish we would have needed a dictionary for almost every word. Now we can understand most of the book without recourse to the dictionary – that is progress!

First of all many thanks to Antonio for teaching us and to the Town Hall for the kind gifts – they are much appreciated. Our next course starts in September – we will be there!  

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