Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why your dog should be vaccinated

Most dog owners are very responsible for their pets but unfortunately there are some who let the side down.

One such owner in Castile-La-Mancha kept a pit bull-cross which was brought in from Morocco and may well have had doctored veterinary records.

The dog bit three children, aged two, six and twelve as well as a 17 year old boy. The dog was immediately destroyed after confirming that it had rabies. All the victims were given rabies injections apart from the two year old who was apparently bitten in the face. The owner has been arrested on several counts of criminal negligence and all dogs and cats in the area have been given compulsory vaccinations.

I don’t understand why anyone would want to keep a dangerous dog especially if there was any possibility of the  animal coming into contact with children. There have been numerous instances of these dogs attacking children and babies, in some cases with fatal results.

There are plenty of “safe” breeds to choose from so why go for one that could pose a danger? I understand that walking a dog like a poodle does not enhance your credibility with your mates. So I reckon it just a macho thing –look at me with my dangerous dog - come near and he’ll take your leg off.

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