Saturday, October 05, 2013

A special night out

If you want to experience the very best of Spanish tapas, it is a good idea to be guided by locals. That is why Pamela and I were delighted when Jaime and Paqui invited us to dine with them last night.

For two years now, Pamela has been visiting their house on Calle Principe de Asturias to help their son Pablo with his English. She now stays for an extra half hour to have conversation with Paqui. Jaime worked in Manchester during the late 80s and now in Torrevieja so his English is excellent – he does not need help. 

The restaurant that Jaime and Paqui chose for us was Angelin in Almoradí. Jaime told us it was his favourite restaurant for tapas in the evening and we soon discovered why.

Typically, there was no menu as such because regular clients know what is on offer and simply ask for it. We therefore sampled the dishes that Jaime suggested that he hoped we would enjoy. As I have said before, Pamela is not fond of seafood and is very choosey about fish which kind of limited the choices somewhat. Still there was plenty for her to enjoy whilst avoiding the fish dishes.

As we talked, Pamela and I explained that our first teacher of Spanish was Ana.  Of course Jaime and Paqui knew of her and Jaime is a good friend of Ana’s father. So, after our meal,we set off to Maraná for coffees. The route that Jaime chose for his wife to drive took us through Camponeta, Molins, Rafal, San Bartolome and eventually the road to Hurchillo where Maraná is situated. A long and torturous way to go for a cup of coffee!

Since we were picked up at 9pm to go out, it was very late when Paqui finally dropped us off at our house – I will definitely need a siesta today.

It was a wonderful evening though with excellent food and even better company. When we are asked, “what is it that you like about Bigastro?” we always say the people. It is people like Jaime and Paqui and many more who make living here so special.

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