Monday, October 28, 2013

St Jude’s storm

Untitled-1This satellite image from 6am this morning shows the storm passing over the south of England. After the BBC failed to predict the ferocity of the 1987 storm which caused widespread damage in the south of England, nobody was taking chances this time.

An amber alert was set for last night into this morning for most of Britain, rail services were cancelled along with ferries across the Channel.

Although this morning’s papers are showing pictures of devastation (particularly the Daily Mail who revel in bad weather), many report that the storm has been nowhere near as severe as anticipated.

Nether the less, there has been disruption as trees have fallen and houses have been left without electricity.

We hope that our friends in England, particularly the south, are OK and have not suffered. The storm is moving rapidly away from Britain now leaving a much calmer day with some sunny spells.

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