Sunday, October 20, 2013

Caught a cold

It seems that every time I come to England, I end up catching a cold. The symptoms are always the same; a harsh throat followed by a runny nose and a cough.

These colds generally don't last too long and are more uncomfortable rather than debilitating. Still, it is annoying to have to suffer a cold every time.

Yesterday we went to watch Molly perform in a dance show. What a little trouper she was, in step and confident.

Watching the older children perform, you could imagine what Molly will be like in just a few years.

Then we went to a nearby pub for food. Whilst we were there, the mild weather with broken sunshine gave way to a short but intense thunderstorm. The rain was driven horizontal by the wind soaking anyone who happened to be caught outside.

Within twenty minutes, the storm cleared and the sun came out again creating the second double rainbow we have seen this trip.

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