Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All this spying nonsense

The Europeans claim that the US agency NSA has been logging phone calls made in their countries. The Americans now say that it was the countries themselves that logged the calls and then passed on the information to NSA.

The monitoring of calls is intended as  a measure to prevent acts of terrorism. In all, NSA is accused of snooping in on 130.5 million calls in France and Spain and keeping records of them. That sounds to me like a massive and very costly operation which I am sure those who are organising it can justify. For the rest of us, it is intrusive and for the most part a complete waste of time, effort and money. Out of all those millions of calls, there can surely only be a tiny percentage that are of any interest.

Will the database of all these calls prevent further terrorist attacks?

Knowing that this is going on probably means that genuine terrorists now use other forms of communication – maybe they have a loft full of pigeons on standby. I defy the NSA to monitor those!

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