Wednesday, October 02, 2013


The PP in Bigastro are frustrated by the situation they find themselves in. Since they are now in the minority, every time council meetings come to a vote, they lose out to the PSOE and UPLC in opposition.

The mayor, Charo Bañuls says the other parties should submit a censure motion if their intention is to continue outvoting her party. For her part, she is not prepared to resign. Of course, none of the parties is capable of ruling in the majority on their own, the Socialists are one seat short and the Liberals have just two councillors.

So what are the chances of a coalition? The answer is simple; the fragile pact between the Liberals and the PP finally broke down when Aurelio Murcia claimed he worked harder than the mayor and therefore should be paid her salary and a pact between the Liberals and the Socialists is almost unthinkable. The answer is therefore “no chance”.

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