Sunday, January 26, 2014

A tricky problem to solve

Following a meeting with the Councillor of the Coast, Martina Scheurer, and protests by local residents and business owners, the Ministry of Development has cancelled the planned road closures at La Zenia Roundabout.

This has been hailed as a victory by those who would have been adversely affected but still leaves the issue of how to relieve congestion and improve road safety on the coast.

Several proposals have been made including the following:

1. New and visible signs for Zenia Boulevard at the 51km southbound exit from the N332 that leads to the town hall and the Saturday market to reduce traffic at the La Zenia roundabout.

2. Open an exit on the southbound N332 after Mercadona on to Calle Salzillo and connect this with Calle Madreperla by appropriating 50m of land to join both these roads that run directly to Zenia Boulevard.

3. Build a roundabout on Avenida Villamartin at the end of the Consum car park and the intersection of Calle Unamuno and Calle Cervantes, where the 4 way intersection is very dangerous.

4. Build a new road through the lower part of La Regia park to allow traffic to drive safely from the Cabo Roig roundabout on the N332 to Calle Talco, which leads directly to Zenia Boulevard

5. Complete the road at the southern end of Calle Talco to join with the road that links the N332 near Campoamor beach (Farmacia) to Lomas de CaboRoig and Campoamor golf. Calle Talco leads directly to Zenia Boulevard. This will ease traffic northbound on the N332 approaching the La Zenia roundabout.

I suspect that many, like me, take the most obvious route to La Zenia Boulevard along the N-332. That is the route which avoids the toll on the motorway and is most clearly signposted. I am sure there are other existing routes that I could take but the lack of clear signage makes me avoid them. 

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