Saturday, January 25, 2014

Playing politics

The PP group in  Bigastro have filed a motion for next Monday's meeting demanding that the Generalitat Valenciana, the Minister of Health and President of the Generalitat  reopen the emergency night service in Bigastro.

In doing so, the PP are trying to avoid the political mileage that the PSOE might gain at the meeting when they follow on by presenting a similar motion. As I said previously, the socialists outnumber the ruling PP by one seat which means that they are in danger of losing any vote that the opposition don’t agree to. They need either the support of the liberals or the socialists to carry votes through at meetings.

Since the two parties cannot agree on the details of the letter, it will be left to Aurelio Murcia with his two votes to decide which will go through. There are a number of permutations possible; he could vote in favour of one or the other, he could abstain from both, he could reject them both or even vote in favour of both  (that would be interesting). I imagine that he will be playing his cards close to his chest and will wait until Monday to reveal his intentions. One thing for sure, his phone will be permanently engaged this weekend!

Since the PP motion will be discussed first, they will be waiting nervously to see just what Aurelio decides. If he rejects their proposal, it will be the turn of the socialists to bite their nails.  The object of the exercise to recover the night service could well be lost during the battle for one upmanship. 

Aurelio was dismissed as leader of the PP and later dismissed from his position on the council by them so his loyalties to Banul’s party are tenuous to say the least. When he was in opposition, he fiercely opposed the socialists, so there is no love lost there either. We shall all have to wait and see what happens. 

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