Friday, January 24, 2014

That’s interesting

Looking at the agenda for the next council meeting, there are some interesting items to be discussed:

The fifth and sixth items deal with the closure and liquidation of Bigastel.

Bigastel was introduced to provide affordable Internet access to those who did not have a landline connection. Apart from Internet, Bigastel could also provide a telephone connection via Wi-fi. Originally, the coverage was only in the centre of the town but was then extended to cover a wider area including Villas Andrea.

Item eight deals with the restaurant and swimming pool at La Pedrera. Last summer the pool did not open which must have been a blow to the people who regularly used it during the warmer months. The restaurant has been opened, closed, opened and closed again during the nine years we have lived here. It was only really successful when there were latin-american nights staged during weekends in the summer.

Item 12 is a motion from the PP (conservatives) regarding re-establishment of the night service at the Health Centre followed by a motion by the PSOE (socialists) about the same issue. The PSOE have campaigned to have the service brought back and since they have more seats at council than the ruling PP, they may win the day. It all depends what stance the 2 liberal councillors take.

The night service was halted when data showed that there were less than a handful of people using it most nights. However, the socialists argued that, those without transport to take them to Vega Baja hospital, would be severely inconvenienced by the closure. It is true that a fair percentage of those who live here do not own a car and would either have to rely upon neighbours or call for a taxi if an emergency arose.

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