Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reducing congestion

Closure of access to roads from the La Zenia roundabout are going to cause problems for residents and businesses. These closures were deemed necessary to reduce the number of accidents that now occur. The new commercial centre has increased the amount of traffic that now crosses the existing roundabout creating major problems at peak times. The council have therefore proposed that a half roundabout is constructed on  Villamartin Avenue. 

There is also a problem with parking alongside the roads leading to the centre. Parked cars are causing both chaos and accidents, so it is proposed that parking spaces are removed from the affected roads.

The other proposal made is to remove the toll at La Zenia to encourage more motorists to use that route rather than the overcrowded N-332.

When we visited La Zenia Boulevard in mid summer, access was a nightmare as traffic backed up on the approaches to the roundabout. Spanish drivers are not the most patient and so many took a chance slotting into a space on the roundabout which barely existed. I imagine there were quite a few minor accidents at that roundabout this summer.

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