Thursday, May 21, 2015

Almost native

Like any capital city, Rome is daunting when you first arrive. However, when you you have been here for a few days, it all starts to become familiar and you find yourself travelling the same streets to get to the places where you want to be.

It is an exhausting city though with heavy traffic and streets that are crowded with people. Apart from the locals, there are many tourists at this time of year including coach loads of Japanese.

Many of the visitors we have met on the guided tours have been Americans on a grand tour of Italy or    even Europe. One such couple were from California and had been away from home for seven weeks, travelling by air and train through London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona.

Quite what it would be like to live out of suitcases for that long a period is hard to imagine. Having taken in two cruises en route and flown over 11 hours from Los Angeles, I imagine they were pretty much exhausted. Certainly, they were looking forward to getting home.

As for us, we return to Bigastro tomorrow. For us it is just a one and a half hour flight back to Alicante - almost pathetic in comparison with the Americans and Australians we have met.

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