Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Will you be voting tomorrow?

May 7th is polling day in Britain and by all accounts it could be a close run thing with neither the Conservatives (PP) nor Labour (Socialistas) expected to gain enough seats to hold an overall majority. Of course we all know that the polls can be woefully wrong in their predictions; all those undecided voters may turn out in force and give one or other of the parties the seats they are hoping for. 

In preparation for this and knowing that West WIrral was a marginal seat, I registered to vote. There were two choices,  a postal vote or a vote by email so I opted for the latter. I did receive notification of my registration on the electoral roll in good time but there was no indication of how I was to exercise my franchise.

I thought that maybe I would receive instructions in due course or perhaps they would send me the form for a postal vote but no. I have had nothing to tell me how to vote, what a waste of time! I will still keep my eye on what happens but it is not the same when you haven’t actually cast a vote yourself.

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