Monday, May 25, 2015

Bigastro municipal elections

Untitled-1 The results for this year show that the Conservatives (PP) won 7 seats taking one each from the Socialists and the Liberals. That means they have a slender one seat majority.

Note that the percentage turnout reduced to 78.75%.

In 2007 and 2011 299 votes were needed to gain one seat on the council. This year that dropped to 263 which is why every vote counted.

With just 173 more votes than they received in 2007, the PP have gained two seats and taken control.
Untitled-2 Although the Socialists had the most seats on the council in 2011, they did not have enough to form a majority.

The Conservatives (PP) and Liberals formed a pact to take control.

When that pact broke down, the PP continued to govern in the minority.
Untitled-3 This was the result from 2007 when the Socialists held the majority with 8 seats on the council. Notice that over 88% of the eligible voters turned out.

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