Friday, May 29, 2015

Looking a lot better

It is good that Bigastro is to receive all that money to lay tarmac on the streets of the town, well done. 

The shame is that, when we first came here Calle Purisima was laid with setts which I assume had been there for years. There were one or two patches where they needed to be relaid but on the whole they were in good condition and just needed a thorough clean. 

When the council received FEIL money, it was decided to rip up the existing setts and replace them with new ones. Unfortunately the job was badly done and the new setts were not smooth like the old one. 

Now, money is required to take up the setts and replace them with tarmac. As I said,  why did they not simply clean the old setts and save thousands of euros doing a job that has now had to be redone. They would have looked a lot more in keeping than tarmac for the main street in the town. 

There was a lot of waste with the money that came from the government, like the road into the town that has a cycle track that nobody uses or the fountain that has had to be rebuilt. Recent works like the playground areas in the parks have been better thought out and are a much more sensible use of money. 

On a further positive note, it is nice to see how clean the streets are now and how the parks on our estate have been groomed to look smart. The cutting of the trees to create doughnut shapes is also a great improvement. 

Perhaps we could now have some benches in the San Isidro park for people to sit and enjoy the view. I'm sure those ladies along with a few men who walk up here every day would appreciate them. 

One other thing I would suggest is a lick of paint on the benches alongside the road into town and maybe replace the bins that were ripped off by vandals with something that would be harder to remove. 

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